XRD® M-Guard

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The XRD M-Guard is designed to fit a range of applications from hip protection to metatarsal protection in work and safety boots. Formulated using XRD Extreme Impact Protection, the M-Guard offers durable protection that’s built to last.

Slim, Sleek and Versatile Impact Protection

  • Engineered using XRD Extreme Impact Protection that offers dependable, repeated impact protection…hit after hit.
  • Contoured, feathered edges offer a sleek, slim design that can be seamlessly incorporated into products.
  • Designed-in grooved hinges increase flexibility and provide for a “ready to use” protective pad without the need for additional skiving or other costly secondary operations.
  • Available in five different sizes to fit your specific design requirements.
  • Available in two product offers to help pass in-boot ASTM or EN Metatarsal Guard Standards in work and safety boots.

* During application use, it is recommend to place the PORON M-Guard with the grooved side against the body, foot, etc. The grooved hinges are designed to flex inward during motion. The PORON XRD M-Guard graphics are for visual representation only and are not intended to and does not create any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. As with all PORON Materials, each user must develop their own design and should determine the suitability of Rogers' products for that design.


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